So, my little country pumpkin children ....
First to say, J U L E I S B A C K !!!





.... ... ...

AAaaaaaaaaaaand (!!) theres a new entry! Oooh yeah.
It's called The lost pictures by Jule & Sana.
Well, if you can't imagine what it is about .... go and have a look!

Bye bye my precious dudl-fans (the three of you - me,sana and jenny *laugh* i love you guys [and me too!])
and don't forget ...

God save the DudlSis!
4.8.05 12:38


hmm nyam nyam!

13.8.05 01:39

some other nice pictures

DIIIINOOs /klick/

23.8.05 16:51

23.8.05 19:06

23.8.05 19:23

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